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♥.Ok, so It was the best tv show's wedding I've ever seen! :D I love The Office so much!♥

Pam: Hey,my aunt tolde something neat.
Jim: yeah?
Pam: She said everything with
the weddingoes by so fast, we should try to take mental
pictures of the high points.
Jim: Oh,wow. That's cool.
Pam: yeah.
Jim: Click. Oh,you blinked. Damn it.
Now that's in my brain forever.
Pam: Should have hired professional
to take the mental ptures.

Receptionist: Halpert
Jim: And beesly. Tonight we're
in two separate rooms, and then tomorrow nigh
is the honeymoon suite.
Receptionist: Great.
Jim: I know. We're pretty excited too.
Pam: Can we take a look at the suiteow?
Receptionist: Oh,i'm sorry. Somebody just checked in
Pam: Is there another wedding
at the hotel thiweekend?
Receptionist: Oh,no. St an individual. At man there.
Andy: Hey. Got the room the
nighbefore you guys. I'll break in the bed.
Jim: I don't like that.
Pam: I'm gonna need the name
and cell phone number of the housekeeper responsible
for changi the sheets,please.

Jim: Four years ago,i was just a guy who had a crush on a
girl who had a boyfriend. And i do the hardest thing that i've
ever had to do which was just to wait. Uh,don't get me wrong.
I flirted with her. Pam,i can now admit in
front of friends and family that i do know how to make a photocopy.
Didn't need yo help that many times. And,uh,do you remember how long it
took you to teach me how to drive stick?
Pam: Like,a year.
Jim: I've been driving stick since high school,so... Very nice.
For a really long time,that's all i had. I just had little moments with
a girl o saw me as a friend. And a lot of peopl told me i was crazy
to wait this long for a date with a girl who i worked with,
but i think even then i knew that... I was waiting for my wife.

Pam: Can you come here please?
Jim: Is this allowed?
Pam: No,no. But i'm allowing
it. Just come here.
Jim: You look...
Pam: Terrible.
Jim: So beautiful.
Pam: My veil tore. I knew when we were getting
married ani'm five months pregnant that i'm not gonna be able to wear the
dress that i always wanted,or high heels.
Jim: Hey. You look just as i imagined you. Pam,you're so pretty.
Pam: Thank you.
Jim: And who cares? It's a stupid veil,right?
Pam: No,this is the one thing i was supposed
to be able to control was this veil.
(Jim cut his tie)
Jim: There. Now we're even.
Pam: Everyone's driving me crazy.
I know too much about Andy's scrotum, and my mom won't stop freaking
out about my dad's new girlfriend. Ugh. This is supposed
to be our wedding day. Why did we invite all these people?

Penny: I begged them not to. I know you specifically put this
song on your do not play list.
Pam: yes, I did.
Penny: I'm sorry
Pam: Go ahead. I think it'sour turn.
Penny: wait,what happened?
You're okay with this?
Pam: Yeah,i'm okay.
Michael: Hey,pam. Did you see this? It was on youtube.
Pam. Saw it.

Tonight, is the night
To join me in the middle of ectacy
Feel the melody and the rhythm of the music around you (around you)
I'm take you there, I'm take you there
So dont be scared, Im right here, ya ready?
We can go anywhere
Go anywhere
But first, its your chance
Take my hand
Come with me

Its like I waited my whole life
For this one night
Its gon be me you and the dance floor
Cuz we only got one night
Double your pleasure
Double you fun
And dance forever ever ever
Forever ever ever
Forever ever ever
Forever (forever)
Ever ever ever
Forever ever ever
Forever ever ever
Forever on the dance floor

Feels like were on another level (ohh ahh)
Feels like our loves intertwine
We can be two rebels
Breakin the rules
Me and you
You and I
All you gotta do is watch me
Look what I can do with my feet, baby
Feel the beat inside
Im drivin, you could take the front seat (front seat)
Just need you to trust me (trust me)
Girl girl girl
Its like now

Its a long way down
We so high off the ground
Sendin for an angel to bring me your heart
Girl where did you come from?
Got me so undone
Gazin in your eyes got me sayin
What a beautiful lady
No ifs ands or maybes
Im releasin my heart
And its feelin amazing
Theres no one else that matters
You love me
And I wont let you fall girl

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