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hi! I make Daniel/Betty season 3 hugs picspam :) I hope that in future I will be able to make Detty kisses picspam :D


Betty: Oh! I knew you couldn't have
pushed Christina. I believed in you, and I was right!
Daniel: thank you, Betty.
She believes in him no matter what happens

Daniel: You are beautiful.
For him she is beautiful and she doesn't need to change

Daniel: I'm sorry it took me so long
to write your recommendation.
Betty: Daniel, this is six pages.
Daniel: That's short. You should
have seen the first draft
He wrote her recommendation to six pages and it was a shorter version

Daniel: hi. how are you doing?
Betty: Daniel!
Daniel: How's your father? What happened to your desk?
Betty: yeah. uh, this is what happens when i'm gone for two weeks. My dad is doing better,
thank you. And thank you for all those flowers you sent.
is 12 dozen too much?
He cares of her and her family

Betty: Jodie just called and said that the "new york review" wants to call me tomorrow and make an offer.
Daniel: wow.
Betty: I know.
Daniel: I mean,that's... incredible. The "new york review" never hires anyone.
Betty: Jodie couldn't believe it either.
Daniel: I can. I mean, they saw what I see... every day.
Betty: Daniel, I don't know what to say.
Daniel: I do. Thank you Betty... for everything.
So how am I gonna find
someone as good as you?
Betty: You won't.
He knows what she can and he knows that she is irreplaceable as an assistant,
as a friend and as maybe someone more than friend^^

Daniel: So about the job...
Betty: Daniel, it's...It's fine. I know it was a hard decision and...
Daniel: It's yours. You're our newest features editor.
Betty: What?! aah! Oh, my god! that's amazing! Thank you! thank you! thank you! aah! You scared the hell out of me.
Daniel: I couldn't really help myself.
Betty: god. this is wonderful.
Daniel: I'm just glad you're not going too far.
He's glad that she doesn't go too far, because in the depths of heart he's not ready for life without her and that he'll not be seeing her every day at work

Daniel: I need you.
He needs her and she needs him and after all, only they can help and comfort each other
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